Our Story

The Hands and Feet of Jesus Christ

A calling to help the community

Seven years ago we felt called to open a home for women graduating from Bowie County Women’s Center. BCWC is located in Texarkana and houses 100 women who have found themselves in the midst of legal issues due to their drug and alcohol. In June of 2013 we began this venture, and by December of 2013 Haven Homes had a Board of Directors, we had our 501(C)3, and a home fully furnished by the most amazing people.

With all of the donations we received, we only had to purchase a refrigerator for our first home and we were able to completely furnish our second home we opened in January of 2015. As of today we can house 15 women, who stay with us for a six month period. We have had over 170 women come through our homes in the 7 years we have been in existence and we presently have an 87% success rate.


Graduating to Something Bigger

Fast forward four years and the men in Celebrate Recovery approached me with how desperately we needed a home for men. So for two years I prayed and kept waiting for God to raise up some men to undertake this vision. In September of 2020, our first three men graduated from our 12 month program. Since opening our doors in September of 2019 we have had over a 100 men walk through our doors. Every week our men and women are working in our community doing community service projects and participating in various outreach programs.

We have found great favor within our court system which now recommends individuals to our program. This gives men the opportunity to come to a safe environment to work on their issues without having to do this in a state jail or prison setting.

New Ventures for the Future

Our newest venture is our Bryce’s Pie and Coffee Shop which will be housed in the Bryce’s building. We are starting the reconstruction of our kitchen as the funding comes in and as soon as that is complete we will have Bryce’s Pies to serve to our community once again. We believe this will be accomplished by the summer of 2022!

As we continue to grow we are in desperate need of funding for more staff and daily operation needs. If you feel led to sow into our ministry we would be overjoyed to have you on our team of supporters for this incredible mission and vision that lies ahead of us and continues to grow exponentially.

We're looking forward to many amazing stories of lives restored and families reunited in the months and years to come.


Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team leads the daily operations and helps move the Haven Homes mission forward through our Christ-first programs for men and women.


Jeni Eldridge

Founder, Exectutive Director

Terence Fulce

Social Service DIrector

Greg Reed

Facility Director

Stacey Smallwood

Director of Women

Board Members

Our Board Members make this all possible through community support, strategy, and fund raising.


Billy Eldridge

Board Member
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Larry Bunn

Board Member

Rae Thigpen

Board Member
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Pat Craven

Board Member

Natalie Voureene

Board Member

JoAnn Bunn

Board Member

Benefiting Our
Life Recovery Program

We create positive changes by helping these individuals become productive and spiritually healthy members of our society.